Consultancy Services: providing knowledge and expertise in the chemical engineering field to the end-users of our Petroleum, Chemical & Fertilizer products. Our people are experienced, flexible, focused and committed to working closely with our clients. Our dedicated consultancy team have built successful long-term relationships with many clients worldwide, resulting in significant repeat business. We work with our clients to arrive at a total business solution to meet today’s challenges.

After Sales Services: our supply commitment to our clients does not stop as far as the delivery of our products to their warehouse. We continue if possible to ensure that our clients obtain our knowledge and support that guarantees that our products are fit-for-purpose or the correct purpose for our product.

Product Specification Services: by working closely with our client’s product applications we could assist if and when possible in providing solutions to their production or application problems.

Product Modification Services: as our involvement is in the upstream as well as the downstream of the products manufacturing cycle as far as the end user application, we may on demand affect the necessary product modifications prior to its delivery to our clients that could affect that specific product performance, efficiency, quality and subsequent cost.

Product Names: our products are known worldwide and accordingly distributed under our group registered product trading names that are respected for their quality and performance such as CRC®, Farmtek®, Chemya™, ChemisTree™, KalKarb™